It’s been said that a good tradesperson doesn’t blame their tools. While we agree with that sentiment at DT Australia, we also know that the men and women on our team can be even better tradespeople when armed with the best tools in the business. Plus, new gear is just plain cool.

Needless to say, the team was pretty excited when we rolled out the new Kinetic K2500 Plasma Cutter at our facility in Forrestfield, Perth.

According to Manuel Leiva, supervisor of steel component production at DT Australia the K2500 is a top-of-the-line production cutting machine that’s capable of plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and bevel cutting.

“Due to increasing demand for DT Australia products such as the Hercules dump body, we were in the market for a third plasma cutter, ideally one that offered a high degree of versatility, speed and accuracy.

“Our new ‘toy’ does plasma cutting up to 50-millimetre-thick, oxy-fuel cutting up to 200-millimetre, plasma bevelling and oxy-fuel bevelling,” said Leiva like a kid on Christmas.

The new plasma cutter, which was commissioned in middle March also has robust health, safety and environment credentials according to Leiva.

“The device sucks the fumes and dust down into the table, where it’s sucked away into our dust collection unit and subsequently filtered out of the shop environment, improving the air quality inside our workshop, providing a safe working environment to our employees and workmates.

“Once dust and fumes are filtered out of the air, large particles are deposited cleanly and neatly into a drum for fast disposal,” said Leiva.

Similarly, the machine has an innovative downdraft table that collects dross, chips and waste while it’s still cutting, which makes clean-up faster and easier reducing machine’s downtime.

“This means that team members no longer have to spend valuable cutting time cleaning the machine and sweeping piles of chips away from the bottom of the cutting table, which is better for company’s efficiency,” finished Leiva.