Over the years, Schlam has gained extensive experience in superstructure repair from onsite jobs to major overhauls conducted at our workshop facility. Our experience includes the repair of vehicle bodies, swing frames and Sticks and Booms.

Working with the OEM, our welding engineers design the most appropriate weld procedure for the situation which enables our maintenance team to execute the best possible repair to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

The problem

The client had a 250T excavator working in an iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Substantial cracking had developed around the slew ring and track frame mounting areas in the car body so the machine had been tagged out of service due to safety concerns and the ramifications should the component catastrophically fail.

The solution

The Schlam Engineering team were mobilised to site and our welding engineers worked in conjunction with the OEM technical advisers to determine the best in situ repair method.

The repair was conducted without the need to substantially disassemble the machine as our technicians utilized the latest in heat input control technology to control heat parameters of the parent metal and interpass temperatures. Together with safe welding practices and suitably matched welding consumable, out team executed the task without incident.

The results

The welding repair was subject to NDT on completion, which it passed without a single defect. The excavator returned to work and three months later, a follow up NDT test was completed and the repair was found to be successful.

The onsite repairs conducted by the experienced Schlam team negated the need to demobilise the machine and return the components to Perth for repair, saving vast costs and decreasing the downtime period for the equipment.

Macmahon Superstructure Repairs

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