We have extensive experience with the fabrication, product improvement and maintenance on Haul Truck Dump Bodies. We use our knowledge in wear management together with our fabrication practices to design and implement value adding solutions for our customers.

The problem

Our client operates a fleet of CAT 793 hauling trucks but the standard designed body with the wear package was too heavy and exceeded the 10/10/20 rule, putting OEM warranty conditions at risk due to overloading.

The solution

Our engineering and project management team in conjunction with the client executed a full potential project to identify weight reduction strategies and initiatives.

The identified opportunities were engineered, proven and passed through a change management process and once all stakeholders were in agreement, the initiatives were implemented.

The results

The project resulted in many positive productivity improvements as follows:

1. Reduction in diesel fuel burn on empty haul
2. Reduction in tyre wear on empty haul
3. Improved cycle times due to improved wear products
4. Reduced risk of loose metal events due to improved wear package layout
5. Reduction in overload occurrences
6. Increased payload due to reduce gross mass of body design
7. Reduction in operational costs due to wear package technology
8. Reduction in damage occurrences through design change
9. Elimination of hidden carry back

Newmont Haul Truck Bodies

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