Schlam Engineering’s facility in Newman has been exceptionally busy over the last few months with quick turnaround times in high demand.

One such job was an Hitachi EX3600 bucket that was recently overhauled for our client in the Pilbara. This type of job showcases the skill and expertise that Schlam Engineering offers in asset overhauls.

Due to the clients tight schedule Schalm was required to complete the overhaul in less than 4 weeks to ensure that the bucket was available to be installed onto another machine.

The scope of work for this job included high pressure cleaning, wear strip replacement, adaptor and heel block replacement, crack repairs and line boring all of which were completed without delay in our off site repair facility in Newman.

Despite some rough weather during this period, our focus on teamwork and safety enabled the project to be completed well ahead of schedule with an extremely high standard of workmanship.

The Newman facility allows our clients to have their assets overhauled in shorter time frames without interruptions caused by weather and other elements and it also removes the requirement for transport to Perth.

For further information on Schlam Engineering’s Newman OSR capabilities please contact Darren Waters, Regional Group Manager – Pilbara on 0417 941 066 or email

Hitachi EX3600 bucket being transported to site.

Hitachi EX3600 bucket being transported to site.