The Schlam Group of Companies provides a range of consolidated mining, maintenance and engineering services.

We believe passionately in our mission to enable the success of others by realising value and unlocking productivity from their plant and equipment.

Over the years that the Schlam Group of Companies has operated we have developed many long standing and beneficial relationships with some of the best known mining companies in the world.

As we continue to grow and engage with more clients the philosophy at the heart of our business remains one of creating the greatest value for our customers by embarking, with them, on the journeys they undertake.

Whether these journeys are focussed on safety, increasing reliability, reducing costs or simply continuous improvement initiatives, the Schlam Group of Companies, with our Can do, Will do, Done safely ethos prides itself on walking side by side with our customers to achieve the goals that they have set.

Schlam Engineering’s Operations Manager, Jules Blason said “The role of the Schlam Group of Companies is to sell the problem we solve, not the product and by listening to our client’s needs we are able to develop long term, sustainable relationships that provide our clients the greatest value by way of eliminating their problems”.

“The Schlam Group of Companies owes much of its success to its clients, however it owes all of its success to the great team of people working collectively to provide the solutions our clients so often need”, he went on to say.

For more information on the value the Schlam Group of Companies can offer please contact Darren Waters, Regional Group Manager – Pilbara on 0417 941 066 or email

Building relationships with Schlam

Building relationships with Schlam