Schlam Engineering prides itself on providing their customers with a complete Maintenance and Asset Management Service. Our primary interest is the longevity of our client’s assets and how best to optimise their equipment’s operating performance through safe and effective maintenance processes.

Schlam’s wear management offering includes condition monitoring and associated maintenance and repair services. We have a specialisation in mining buckets and haul truck bodies, thus making the acquisition of DT HiLoad’s Hex Tile Wear Technology extremely exciting for our company.

Simply by combining regular equipment inspections and wear measurements with our patented Hex Tile Wear Technology we can maximise the life of your equipment, keep your truck’s body at commissioning weight ensuring maximum payload and your buckets in prime condition.

Our Hex Tile Wear Technology includes many benefits:

  • Reduces weight of the liner package
  • Applied in incremental stages to control body weight
  • Easy installation reduces safety risk by lowering manual handling requirements
  • Adaptable to any size or make of tray and has standard parts
  • Can be maintained on truck during mechanical service to reduce downtime
  • Increased Rock Box effect protects floor from abrasion
  • Lower point of friction and reduced wear rates
  • No stored energy reduces HSLP risk for maintainers compared to removing conventional full wear plates
  • No large objects to interfere with production infrastructure in the crushing circuit
  • Reduced freight costs of materials to site
  • Hex Tail Strip provides added reinforcement to floor tail section
  • For sites where hang up is a problem a Polymer infill can be applied

By employing simple maintenance procedures, our assessments on current wear package/liner systems allow us to identify areas for improvement, reduce operating costs and reduce safety risk associated with maintenance activities.

To see how we can do this for your site contact Steve Turner our General Manager Sales on +61 419 949 363 or

DT HiLoad's Hex Tile Wear Management Program

DT HiLoad’s Hex Tile Wear Management Program